Visual Arts

Visual Arts provides an introduction to art where students will learn and apply the Elements and Principles of Design to produce creative art works that reflect their understanding of these concepts.

Art helps us to see things differently; it teaches us how to be flexible while developing analytical, conceptual thinking all while searching for solutions that can be verbalized through our arts with confidence.
Art is not intended to be perfect! It is intended to be gazed upon…looked at, talked about, pondered…

Art expresses itself from within, sometimes from our brokenness, often from our uncertainties. Art provides each of us the opportunities to dare to step out of our comfort to try something we may not think we can do or succeed at.

Our art classroom is a non-judgment room, a place where you can come with your uncertainties, your hesitations and simply explore how much God has been guiding your steps, filling your life with beauty yet to be explored and experienced!

Become victorious - dare to explore this inner talent! Join us, arrive with your pencil and begin to take on the challenges of developing a work of art.
  • There are very few if any assignments
  • We do watch videos to help us gain some insight into the various ways in which the artist developed their skills, and the challenges they endured while living their dream
  • Listening skills are required
  • A desire to stretch yourself trying
  • You are graded according to your efforts, based on:
    • Communication and Expression of Art Work
    • Creative and Original Approach
    • Participation / Class work
Have you ever received a gift that was wrapped so beautifully you did not want to rip the paper off? Instead, you decided to place the unwrapped gift in the corner of the room to look at and wonder what might be inside.

Well…you are this beautifully wrapped gift filled with the Holy Spirit of God’s Love!

Come, come and see what is inside this gift of God’s abundance!
Every piece of art that you have gazed upon, frowned at, even perhaps walked away pondering, every art piece begins will one line.

Take a giant step out of your comfort join us for Art, our doors are open, remember Philippians 4:13...
"I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me."
Course Objectives:
To cultivate and foster self-expression, imagination and creativity, as well as critical thinking and problem solving skills, which ultimately will help students to work cooperatively in a group, on their own and for any
predetermined purpose.