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Senior international student Runze (Jason) Shi is accepted into various USA universities

Jason Shi accepted to American universities


Senior Runze Shi (Jason), TCCA’s first international student, son of Feng Shi & Xuehuan Wang of Urumqi, China, is planning to undertake his undergraduate studies in America in the Fall of 2021.  To date Jason has been accepted into Purdue University’s Planetary Sciences program in the College of Science at West Lafayette, the Physics program at Rochester Institute of Technology, the Science, Technology &, Society program with New Jersey Institute of Technology, and the Physics and Music program in the College of Science at Northeastern University.


Since his introduction to our school community, Jason has proven an exemplary model of engagement and excellence, both in terms of his character and academic development.  He has been a member of the school’s band, as well as an active participant with the varsity boys basketball, choral, and worship team programs.  Jason is a gracious, studious, and respectful young man who will assuredly make his favorable mark upon this needful world.  CONGRATULATIONS, Jason! 
May Almighty God grant you continued success and advancement in the years to come!!!

Mr. Gavin Devaney, TCCA Junior
 Gavin Devaney
One of TCCA’s most accomplished members of the junior class is Mr. Gavin Devaney. Most recently,
Gavin achieved the rank of Eagle Scout with the Boys Scouts of America organization, the highest
distinction attainable with this notable organization, adding yet another superlative to this young man’s
growing list of laudable credentials. Only 4% of all scouts ever reach this pinnacle, an impressive feat to
say the least.
Gavin is slated to secure his high school diploma in June of 2022, after which he intends to undertake
his undergraduate studies at Florida Institute of Technology en route to what he hopes will be an
illustrious career with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).
COMHGHAIRDEAS, Mr. Devaney – you are a credit to your dear mother! Indeed, the TCCA community is
proud of our affiliation and fully anticipates your future success whatever the endeavor! God be with
you always!!!
Previous TCCA Student (2021 HS graduate), Carla Soplantilla

Carla will be taking her pilot test soon (Within the next 1-2 weeks). She has been flying for some time and has been working on getting her pilots license for a year. She also recently received acceptance into Embry Riddle, a top aviation university. We are so excited for her and wish her success in her flying ventures!
TCCA Senior, Samuel
Following his graduation in June of this year and beginning in the fall, Sam intends to commence his undergraduate studies at the University of New Hampshire’s College of Engineering & Physical Science with a major concentration in computer engineering with a minor in computer science. Sam plans to secure employment in either computer design or machine learning design. Employment with Microsoft Corporation in the capacity of an engineer in either software or hardware is a career goal. Bill gates you have been officially notified and would be well served to recruit this superlative talent!
TCCA Junior Earns Eagle Scout Distinction
 TCCA is proud to announce a most notable accomplishment of junior, Joel Miltner. The Boys Scouts of America organization recently conferred the status of Eagle Scout upon Joel following a rather exacting review process. This award is rather elusive for most young men; in fact, only 4% of all scouts ever attain this exemplary superlative.
Joel, son to Peter and Jill Miltner of Rochester, has been in the Scouts for sixteen years. When reflecting upon his extensive affiliation with this organization, Joel succinctly observed, “Scouts taught me leadership, JROTC refined it, and the school allowed me to use it.” Well said, Joel, and indeed, well done!!!
Ms. Mackenzie Trainor Named Junior Intern for Old Sturbridge Village
On Friday, Feb. 15, TCCA junior, Mackenzie Trainor, received the welcomed news that she was accepted into the Junior Intern Training program for the 2019 spring training program commencing in May.
Old Sturbridge Village is located in Sturbridge, Massachusetts and is a reputable living museum depicting New England life in the late 18th early 19th centuries. It is the largest museum of its kind in New England. Admissions criteria is quite stringent; a constituent part of the application process requires a personal interview.
CONGRATULATIONS on this notable achievement, Mackenzie!
TCCA Senior Admitted to New England College
TCCA senior, Jessica Grice, daughter of Ms. Annette Hoitt of Rochester, was recently notified by the admissions office of New England College relative to the school’s favorable decision on her application for admission. Jessica is anticipated to commence her undergraduate studies in the college’s healthcare science program in the fall of 2019. Ms. Grice was further informed that she was the recipient of the Presidential Scholarship receiving an award of $29,000 to be applied to her tuition costs.
TCCA Junior Earns Eagle Scout Distinction
TCCA junior, Joshua Miltner, was recently awarded the coveted distinction of Eagle Scout from the Boys Scouts of America organization. This award is issued sparingly following a rather lengthy and scrutinizing evaluative process.
Joshua, son to Peter and Jill Miltner of Rochester, has been in the Scouts for sixteen years. When reflecting upon this affirming development, Joshua observed, “Scouts has taught me a lot, and that securing the rank of Eagle Scout has allowed me to follow, not only the Scout’s law, but God’s law?”
“When I received word that Mr. Miltner had secured this laudable distinction, I admittedly was not the least bit surprised. I have had the unique blessing and privilege to collaborate with Joshua’s parents and Josh himself over the course of his middle school and secondary education. Joshua has exemplified the model TCCA student displaying both academic prowess and sound moral character. It has been one of my greatest joys as an educator to be afforded the opportunity to participate in the life of this fine young man. I’m confident that this award will prove to be just one in a long series of superlatives bestowed upon this notable human being!” Rev. John A. P. Correia, High School Department Chairman
The Impact of Pastor Clark
Written by TCCA freshman, Ms. Payton Goumas and edited by freshman, Ms. Emily Dailey
Pastor Thomas Clark has had a large impact on the Somersworth community. He was the senior pastor of Tri-City Covenant Church and of Tri-City Christian Academy. Pastor Clark served as chaplain of the American legion Post 69 in Somersworth, was the chaplain of the Somersworth Police Department and the American Ambulatory Service, and was an active member of the Interfaith Pastoral Group. He was able to share his faith and belief not only in his church, but to the people who may not otherwise have known God.
The comments by some of those who knew Pastor Clark well certainly serves to affirm the significant influence his ministry imparted.
“He explained the full scope of God’s providential care of all things. He also taught me what an ineligible receiver was in football.” – Mr. Edgar. TCCA Administrator
“He was like a second father to me, I looked up to him. He would bring up subjects I never even thought about. He expanded my mind” – Geneva Edgar, TCCA Student
“He profoundly modeled the Christian faith.” – Mr. Correia, TCCA Instructor
“He led by example. He demonstrated that leadership is defined by service. He didn’t just tell you, he showed you.” – Mrs. West, TCCA Instructor and Guidance Counselor
“A great man, he was a second father to me. I wouldn’t be who I am today without his impact. He pushed me more than I thought I could ever be pushed.” – Emily West, TCCA Alumni
“He was a father-figure to me. Whenever I had a hard time I could go to him, he always gave me the right advice. His sermons would always somehow answer my questions.” – Hannah DesRoches, TCCA Student
TCCA Student Earns Recognition for Her Short Story, Behind The Lies!
Eighth Grade student, Ms. Alija Zuschlag, is becoming quite the budding writer of fiction. She is an avid reader and continues to exercise her God given gift in creating engaging stories. “Alija is quite the perceptive young lady,” asserted Mr. C, Alija’s English instructor. He enthusiastically continued, “She meaningfully contributes to classroom discussions in my literature class displaying an astute interpretive proclivity, a most compelling fact in light of her tender age and most evident in her growing body of literary work.” Alija belongs to a young writers group and was recently distinguished with the Writers Facebook Shared Accounts Award.
Keep your eyes out for Alija’s name on the Best Seller’s List, though she might appear under her pseudonym, Scaly Eragon. CONGRATULATIONS, Alija! The TCCA community is exceedingly proud of your amazing accomplishment!!! Relent not in the pursuit of your dreams!!!
TCCA Student to Perform in The Nutcracker
TCCA Freshman, Britney Kimball, recently received the favorable news of her selection to perform in Sole City Dance’s production of The Nutcracker to be performed at the Rochester Opera House located in Rochester, NH on December 13th and 14th.
Britney will be performing the roles of a party girl as well as a member of the Arabian Corps. Of course, her selection comes as no surprise to the TCCA community given her breadth of formal dance instruction over the course of eleven years with the well reputed Studio 109 Dance, Voice, & Drama out of Gonic, NH.
When asked how she felt in light of her successful audition, Britney declared, “I’m ecstatic!” Then quoting an unknown dance enthusiast, Britney agreeably asserted, “Life without dance is like life without air…IMPOSSIBLE!” Britney’s mom, Tracy Kimball, speaking also on behalf of her husband, happily added, “We are so proud of Britney's hard work and dedication in and out of the classroom. Britney's determination has allowed her to successfully excel in school and in her creative outlet. Britney is a dancer in every aspect of her being and we are so excited to be a part of her newest adventure.”
Celebrating Memorial Day
On Monday, May 27th Somersworth residents gathered at the memorial park across from the GE building on Main Street to gratefully acknowledge the sacrificial service of veterans presently serving in our armed forces and to remember those who have served in the past to include the many that gave the last full measure of devotion for the benefit of their countrymen.
In addition to the many veterans represented, the Somersworth High School band, boy scouts, and many city dignitaries to include Police Chief Dean Crombie and Mayor Matthew Spencer were on hand. Pictured below receiving a congratulatory hand shake from Mayor Spencer is TCCA senior, Daniel Powers, who delivered a compelling speech in honor of veterans, “past, present, and future.” Daniel challenged the crowd to demonstrate their esteem for the sacrificial service rendered by these men and women of honor by the “quality of their lives moving forward.”
Daniel concluded his oration by offering a prayer that God would bless our land. A job well done, Daniel – CONGRATULATIONS & THANK YOU!!!
Kristen Hearn Accepted to Elmira College
TCCA Senior, Kristen Hearn, was not only accepted at Elmira College to begin her undergraduate studies in the fall of 2012, but was awarded a full tuition scholarship. Of course, to the TCCA community this is by no means a surprising development. Kristen is one of TCCA’s more accomplished students. To say that she is actively engaged with the school community would be a gross understatement. For the term of her enrollment here, beginning with her introduction into our junior high school program, Kristen has maintained active participation in soccer and basketball. She was also a member of the school’s concert band for several years. Moreover, Kristen has served on student council for the term of her secondary education and at present serves as the student based governing body’s president. Kristen is the eldest child to proud parents, Mr. and Mrs. Gibson and Kelly Hearn, and sister to TCCA freshman, Todd Hearn, affectionately known as the “Squirrel.” While admittedly undeclared at this point, it is Kristen’s expectation that she will eventually major in international studies, business, or “something close to that,” she declared. CONGRATULATIONS, KRISTEN – your peers and teachers here at TCCA are convinced of your impending success at the collegiate level! May Almighty God proceed before you and preserve your way!!!
Angelica Hatch Raises Money for the Children's Miracle Network
Angelica has organized a raffle to raise money for the Children's Miracle Network as a requirment to her being a contestant in the Miss Maine Scholarship Program. She is raffling off two Aroma Joes Gift Baskets (2 stickers, 16 oz. Mug, $6 Aroma Joes Card and 2 lb of Aroma Joes House Blend) and five $20 Aroma Joes Cards. Tickets are 1 for $1 and 6 for $5. See Miss Hatch if you are interested in supporting this endeavor.
Kelsie Griffes Weighs her Many College Acceptances
TCCA is proud to announce that senior, Kelsie Griffes, daughter of Jonathan and Kimberly Griffes, has been accepted by the following collegiate institutions: Houghton College (East Meets West Honors Program which includes a trip to several European countries), Eastern Nazarene College (Honors Scholar Program), University of New Hampshire, University of Hartford, Lesley College, Gordon College, Olivet Nazarene University, Roberts Wesleyan College, and Hartwick College. Fortunately, Kelsie has been awarded more than half of tuition in merit scholarships and grants to several of the colleges referenced. Whatever her ultimate undergraduate destination, Kelsie will be pursuing a double major concentrating in music and psychology. Thereafter she intends to pursue graduate school in preparation for what she anticipates will be a meaningful career in music therapy. CONGRATULATIONS, Kelsie!
February 15, 2012 - TCCA Freshman Places Second in District Oratorical Competition
TCCA Senior, Karen Arianne Harju, placed second to the student representative from Phillips Exeter Academy in last month’s high school oratorical competition sponsored by the American Legion organization. The district competition was conducted at the American Legion, Post 35 in Hampton, NH. All student participants were required to deliver a prepared oration on a constitutional topic of their choice in addition to a more abbreviated impromptu presentation on a topic chosen for them by contest officials. All of the student contestants represented their respective schools well and are to be duly commended. Admittedly the unavoidably biased TCCA contingent in attendance were of the mutual opinion that Ms. Harju was the worthy recipient of first place distinction.
Ms. Harju’s prepared oration exhibited her proficiency in the art of persuasion. HS Director, John Correia quipped that disputation is an area of neglect for the senior. “She never intends to lose an argument,” he mentioned with an encouraging smile and wink. With admirable conviction Karen commented on the contemporary misconstruction of the 1st Amendment, specifically as it relates to the Establishment and Free Exercise clauses. In her opening remarks, Karen declared, “When writing the First Amendment, our forefathers were not attempting to repress those who wished to practice their religion, as is the popular interpretation today. On the contrary, their aim was to grant people the right to freely worship.” Karen’s father, Mr. John Harju, a history buff in his own right and clearly an inspirational influence, was on hand and visibly proud of his gifted daughter’s performance. Thank you for being such a laudable ambassador for the TCCA community, Karen!!!
February 15, 2011 - TCCA Freshman Places Second in District Oratorical Competition
TCCA freshman, Abigail Scott, placed second at the district competition of the 2011 American Legion High School Oratorical Contest program out of a field of six contestants. Ms. Scott came in second only to Phillips Exeter Academy's representative. The contest was hosted on Thursday night Feb. 10th by American Legion Post No. 35 in Hampton, NH. To a near capacity crowd, Abigail and others delivered both a prepared oration on some matter of constitutional concern as well as a separate more abbreviated impromptu exposition on the Eighth Amendment to the US Constitution.
All of the participants were publicly commended for their participation and accordingly issued certificates of achievement. The top four contestants were also issued checks in varying amounts for their accomplishment.
The consensus of the TCCA contingent in attendance proudly affirmed that as TCCA's delegate, Ms. Scott represented the TCCA community exceedingly well. High School Director John Correia gratefully remarked, "TCCA's reputation was greatly enhanced by the demonstrated excellence of our very capable ambassador."
Abigail's parents were also on hand and were clearly proud of their daughter's exceptional performance. Well done, Abigail! May God be pleased to bless your future endeavors!!!
February 15, 2011 - TCCA Student Receives Acceptance Letters
TCCA senior, William Harju, was recently accepted to both The King's College in New York and Covenant College in Georgia. Though indecisive at this point, William does intend to major in political science and economics at either college. CONGRATULATIONS William!!!
February 8, 2011 - TCCA Student Competes in American Legion High School Oratorical Contest
TCCA junior, Abigail Scott, will be competing in the district competition on Thursday, February 10th at the American Legion post 35 in Hampton, NH. The program begins at 7:00PM. Come out and support TCCA's competent representative! Go get 'em, Abigail!
February 8, 2011 - A Letter to Soldiers
Stephanie Habrial, a senior, wrote a letter back in the fall to a number of soldiers serving in Afghanistan at the request of one of TCCA's alumni who had family and friends deployed there. The letter is so beautifully written, so poetic that we want to share with our community.
February 8, 2011 - TCCA Student Heading to Glendale Community College
TCCA senior, Stephanie Liquori, will be commencing her collegiate studies in the fall of this year at Glendale Community College. She is planning to pursue a concentration in physical education instruction. CONGRATULATIONS, Stephanie!
February 7, 2011 - TCCA Student Looks to Be an Ivy-Leaguer
TCCA senior, Joshua Kalar, has recently interviewed for admissions purposes with Harvard College, Yale University, Cornell University, Princeton University, & Dartmouth College. He has been accepted to the Honors program at Clarkson University, accepted and given the Presidential Scholarship for New England College, accepted to the Honors program and given the Presidential Scholarship for Saint Anselms College, and accepted to Franklin Pierce University, and was awarded the Provost Scholarship.
Way to go, Joshua!
February 1, 2011 - TCCA Students Participate in the 2011 American Legion High School Oratorical Contest
On Monday, January 31st, the entire high school student body assembled in the auditorium to witness the first TCCA intrascholastic competition as part of the 2011 American Legion High School Oratorical Contest program. The ten contestants, depicted above along with instructor Mrs. Tara Gitau (far left), are all members of Mrs. Gitau's Honors level World History & Cultures class.
Beginning In the back row from left to right are: Daniel Powers, Kristen Hearn, Abigail Scott, William Harju, Mr. Paul Edgar (Administrator), Mr. Raymond LaPointe and Mr. Joseph Caouette (American Legion dignitaries); front row left to right: Tyler Knifpher, Haley Noddin, Karen Harju, Emily West, Gabrielle Fredette, and Joshua Kalar. While all of the students were duly commended for their participation, only one student was selected by the panel of judges to represent TCCA- at the district competition; this distinction went to TCCA junior Abigal Scott. Classmate Karen Harju, having secured the runner-up position in the contest, will serve as the contingent representative should Ms. Scott be unavailable to compete at the district level scheduled for next month. Ms. Scott's prepared oration covered the Bill of Rights.
Congratulations to all of the contestants, and a most emphatic salute goes out to Ms. Scott and Ms. Harju - excellent work, students!!!
Additional Information
Tri-City Christian Academy gives maximum effort to educating children at this most critical ages in sound academics and Christian family values.