What people are saying?
I just wanted to reach out and thank everyone involved in Italian Night for a wonderful evening! The students did a phenomenal job, and everyone who worked at the event helped create a positive experience for those attending. Our family thoroughly enjoyed it, and we are truly grateful to those who worked so hard to mak

e it happen (and that Nathan is able to attend such an amazing school filled with the love of God from all the teachers and students).
Thank you!
-Abram and Abby Keller, TCCA parents
  • The Carnes' Family chooses TCCA because we love their teaching philosophy.
  •  I have found the teachers’ truly love their students.
  • The curriculum is at a very high standard.
  • They focus on math without common core.
  •  Even Mr. Marshall (the custodian) is like a grandfather to the kids. He takes the time to show how to peel an orange without breaking it.
  •  TCCA is affordable!
  • Extended before and after school hours.
  • I attended a catholic school when I was young; and my children are learning much more about the bible than I was ever taught.
  • TCCA is offering Summer Camp at an affordable price with air conditioning available. Most camps can’t do that! 
-Jodi Carnes, TCCA Parent
"As involved parents, we have always felt that our children’s education was enhanced by related arts courses. Research has shown over and over that children involved in arts learning show gains in math, reading, critical thinking, problem-solving and more. Arts learning also improves motivation, concentration, confidence and teamwork."
 - Anonymous Family
"At Tri City Christian Academy the middle school program has offered chorus, art, gym, drama and culinary for the students. Our twin 13-year-old boys were able to participate in these classes last year and we saw immediate benefits. They came home excited about cooking and actually taught us some culinary terms. The team spirit they experienced as part of the drama class helped forge new social bonds and built up their confidence."
-Anonymous Family
"Our son Sam was able to participate in the chorus over the years which really helped to develop his voice. He had opportunities to sing solos as well as be a part of the ensemble. Both Sam and Tim have been a part of the rock band where they have had the chance to sing and play multiple instruments which has been fantastic as well."
-The Roth Family 
"Our older son, now in ninth grade, was also very involved with chorus and drama at the middle school level, and had a lead role in the musical "Into the Woods" last year, and all three boys were involved in "The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe" production this spring."
-Anonymous Family
"We feel that TCCA has been visionary in including these related arts courses as part of each middle school students experience."
- L.R.