Tuition & Financial Aid Information

Tuition/Fee Schedule for the 2023-24 School Year

Financial Aid Process

Step 1:


Before any Financial Aid considerations can be made, families must have completed the enrollment process for each student that will be attending Tri-City Christian Academy.  This includes submitting all applicable enrollment packets, and paying all enrollment fees. 


Step 2:

  • NH Residents:

If you live in NH and need tuition assistance, you should apply to the NH Children’s Scholarship Fund and the New Hampshire Education Freedom Account Program


Please note: There are eligibility requirements and deadlines for applying to the NH Scholarship Programs, so make sure to apply as soon as possible.

  • ME Residents:

If you live in ME and need tuition assistance, you could apply to the ME Children’s Scholarship Fund


  • Outside of NH / Other:

Families who live outside of New Hampshire OR are not eligible for either of the NH Scholarship Programs, but are still in need of tuition assistance, may apply for consideration through FACTS Grant & Aid. FACTS is a third-party company that collects your financial information and after processing your application, makes a recommendation back to us for granting possible tuition assistance. Application fee does apply.