Performing Arts

TCCA artsFor more information on current or future productions, please check the Drama Club website

Students will learn the mechanics and techniques that go into performing a play. Emphasis will be on body language and non-verbal communication, speech and tonal qualities, enunciation, and projection. They will combine this with character study, makeup and blocking to complete a character. Some attention will be given to props, set design and lighting.
TCCA drama and musical productions, by their nature, will have a limited number of cast openings. Although all students auditioning for parts will receive some educational benefit from the experience, not every student can be actually selected for a part.
Casting selections must be made with primary consideration being the final success of the production. Hopefully, the number of students not selected for parts will be minimal. TCCA Drama productions are open to all current TCCA students as well as interested home schooling families.

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