High School

A Private Christian High School in Somersworth, NH
A challenging curriculum awaits the TCCA high school student. Among other things, practical applications of mathematics culminating in the study of calculus as well as competency in literary analysis and effective composition are emphasized. Essentially, the development of critical thinking in the context of a thoroughly Biblical worldview in science, history, and Bible subjects all serve to prepare Tri-City Christian Academy graduates to positively impact the world in their respective callings.


Tri-City Christian Academy may be considered a small school by some, but our elective offerings are versatile and are designed to serve the wide ranging needs of today's students. Individual music lessons, chorus, band, art, drama, yearbook, early childhood education, and many elective computer courses are the primary elective offerings each semester. Apprentice vocational programs outside of school have also been individually designed and successfully completed by qualified students.