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 Tri-City Christian Academy’s Middle School
Middle school is the bridge between elementary and high school. Developmentally, early adolescence can be fraught with great change, anxiety, and uncertainty. Tri-City Christian Academy counters these tendencies by building a real community which not only fosters personal responsibility and independence, but also nurtures life-long connections rooted in God’s grace and love.


Middle school students continue learning core academic skills, and in addition learn study skills and develop habits necessary for more serious academic work in high school. At the same time, we recognize the unique needs of rapidly growing middle school students by offering a rich variety of related arts learning opportunities. All subjects are taught from a Christian perspective and help guide students in making ethical decisions.

Middle School is departmentalized, providing faculty who are teaching in their areas of expertise.

The middle school Science program spans a wide range of life, earth, and physical science. Each year students participate in a science fair. In English, students focus on literature, grammar, reading and writing. History exposes students to the world. Students are immersed in learning about American History as well as ancient cultures and countries. Our focus in Mathematics is to create a bridge to upper-level math. Our mathematics instruction ensures that students have a solid foundation in the skills they will need for high school and beyond. Latin language instruction is continued throughout middle school. Students attend Latin class twice per week. Latin is offered through high school.

Student autonomy increases as they move between classes on a seven-period schedule.

Discipleship & Service

Middle school students are given opportunities to serve the local Somersworth community and beyond. Fall clean-up is a favorite activity, singing at Rochester Manor, food drives, and service opportunities are given as part of discipleship and service experience.

2021 Spring Open House has gone VIRTUAL! View the page here.

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Amy MacDougall's Profile Photo
Mrs. Amy MacDougall
Middle School Director & Teacher
Karen Rogier's Profile Photo
Mrs. Karen Rogier
Naomi Clark's Profile Photo
Mrs. Naomi Clark
Kathleen Guptill's Profile Photo
Mrs. Kathleen Guptill
Claudette Lewis's Profile Photo
Mrs. Claudette Lewis
Administrative Assistant (WHS) & Teacher
Brian Nolder's Profile Photo
Rev. Brian Nolder
Debra Wilson's Profile Photo
Mrs. Debra Wilson
Stephanie Habrial's Profile Photo
Miss. Stephanie Habrial
Sally Wituszynski's Profile Photo
Mrs. Sally Wituszynski
Instrumental Music Director
John Correia's Profile Photo
Rev. John Correia
Wellington (Phil) Bartels's Profile Photo
Mr. Phil Bartels
Lynn Brokus's Profile Photo
Mrs. Lynn Brokus
School Nurse

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