Achievements and Awards

God rewards those who are obedient to His Covenant Law, a Christian school should reward students for their accomplishments.
Kindergarten academic awards for students get presented at their kindergarten ceremonies.
Grades 1-5 will be presented at the awards assembly at 11:00 on the last day of school.
Grades 6-12 will be presented at the senior graduation ceremony.
Awards will be presented as follows:

Academic Awards

  • Awards will be given for the highest average in each subject area. Teachers may decide to award more than one subject award for extremely close averages.
  • High school students (grades 7-12) will be required to use large three-ring loose-leaf binders for all their high school subjects. Spiral bound notebooks shall not be used. Students will record all homework assignments in their homework assignment book, and keep the assignment book with their notebook(s).

Standard Awards

  • Christian Leadership (teacher's evaluation)
  • Honor Student (honor roll all four quarters)
  • Perfect Attendance (no absences)

Special High School Awards

  • Community Service (determined by participation in community service project)
  • Master of Dominion Arts (determined by specified criteria)
  • School Spirit (input from all teachers)
  • Service (input from teachers or staff members)

Honor Roll

  • Highest Honors - All grades must be A's with no unsatisfactory (U) or (I) grades.
  • High Honors - All grades must be A's with only one B allowed and no unsatisfactory (U) or (I) grades.
  • Honors - All grades must be B's with only one C and no unsatisfactory (U) or (I) grades.