General Dress Code

A guiding principle of a Christian school’s dress and appearance guidelines should be an emphasis on displaying unity within the Christian community rather than an excessive calling of attention to oneself. (Philippians 2:4)
Compliance with both the spirit and the letter of the dress and appearance has proven to greatly enhance both the academic and the spiritual atmosphere of our school.

General Guidelines

Dress and appearance standards must be followed for all school functions including evening events whether a student is a spectator or participant.
Students may wear Eagle sweatshirts during inclement weather with the individual teacher’s express permission for an individual class.
Teachers will communicate any dress and appearance code infractions to the applicable Department Director. The Department Director will make all necessary communication to parents regarding dress and appearance code infractions according to their discretion.
Dress code is the norm for most school days.


Hair should be styled conservatively and be a natural color. Radically sensational styles and colors are not acceptable. Boys’ hair should be neat and trimmed and should generally be shorter than girls’ hair. (I Corinthians 11:14)
  • Hair color
    • Students whose hair requires cutting or coloring will be given one week to meet the requirements and the parents will be contacted. Students who fail to comply within one week may be asked to stay home.
  • Facial Hair
    • Neat and trimmed facial hair is allowed.

Outdoor Apparel

Students shall not wear outdoor apparel (including hats) inside the building.

Piercings and Tattoos 

In cases, of body piercings and all forms of body art should be covered or removed. (Leviticus 19:28) (Leviticus 21:5) (I Corinthians 6:19-20)
  • Piercing
    • Jewelry should be conservative in style and limited to girls
  • Tattoos
    • Not allowed


Students should wear shoes or other appropriate footwear while in school.
Sneakers are acceptable footwear.
No wear athletic cleats in the buildings.


Students will be allowed to “dress down” as a fundraiser ($1.00 per Spirit Jean Day) for the TCCA Yearbook or as specified by their Department Director or the Administrator. All shirts/sweatshirts worn on Spirit Jean Days must be TCCA athletic wear, which is purchased through our school’s Athletic Department or, TCCA logo wear shirts. No torn jeans are allowed during any Spirit Jean Days.


Spirit Days

On Spirit Days, students may wear Eagle tee shirts to show their school spirit. Eagle sweatshirts (over a collared shirt or Eagle tee shirt) and special senior sweatshirts (also over a collared shirt or Eagle tee shirt) may be worn to show school spirit.


Field Trips

Uniform dress code is required on all field trips, unless due to the nature of the excursion the teacher makes an exception and communicates this to the entire class. 



High school admissions interviews are occasions in which dress and appearance code conformance is a requirement.
All students are to dress neatly, cleanly, and modestly for school. Students are to dress in a manner similar to the way they would dress if they were working professionally in the marketplace. Christians’ dress and appearance should reflect our requirement to show love and respect towards our neighbors and should reflect positively on Tri-City Christian Academy (Philippians 4:5). Conformance to all dress code and appearance standards is required from the time the student, faculty, or staff member arrives at school until they depart.
It is important for parents to ensure their child is dressed in compliance with the published TCCA Dress Code. The school administration views this as a parental commitment and responsibility and believes that dress code issues should be addressed and corrected at home rather than being left as dress code infractions that have to be addressed and corrected at school

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