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West High Street
God has been very kind to us, and we believe He has specifically blessed our desire to provide a quality Christian foundation for the lives of our children and the children of our wider community. TCCA also purchased an additional 6 acre adjacent parcel of land, which will allow for future expansion and development. 
West High Street Campus
Established in 1985, TCCA began serving the community in this location. Our Middle School and High School programs are currently located at this campus. The facility has nine classrooms, a 30' X 45' cafeteria with seating for approximately 75-80 and an adjacent kitchen , a 25' X 30' library/meeting room, a 45' X 60' auditorium/chapel, a computer lab, a playground and a full size parking area.
West High Street / Niver Field Athletic Fields
Niver Field, located off Tate's Brook Road behind TCCA has been developed into a truly magnificent athletic facility, including a full size soccer field, a softball/Little League diamond, and a high school size baseball field with a professional quality infield, dugouts, bleachers, and parking area fencing. A new concession and maintenance building was also recently constructed on this site.
There is a softball field and soccer practice field located at the West High Street campus as well.
Rocky Hill Road Campus
Our biggest advance has been the purchase of a new school facility nearby on Rocky Hill Road. Over 22,000 square feet on 12 acres! This is the property of the former Southeastern New Hampshire Christian Academy, which was one of the pioneer evangelical Christian schools in New England. We recently renovated and moved into this facility in January 2008, and we will, with God's help, continue the heritage of that great institution. The Rocky Hill Road campus currently houses our Pre-K, Kindergarten and Elementary programs. This facility has nine classrooms, a dedicated art room, a 25' X 45' cafeteria with seating for approximately 50-75 and an adjacent kitchen, 64' X 83' gymnasium with bleacher seating for approximately 100, a library, computer lab, a music room, and a full size playground and upper and lower parking areas.
Rocky Hill Road Athletic Fields
There is a baseball practice field and 90 yard elementary soccer field located at the Rocky Hill Road campus.
To Use Our Facilities...
To learn more about our facilities, please contact Tri-City Christian Academy (603) 692-2093.
Building the Future
Although Tri-City Christian Academy's future is very exciting, we know that our most important goal remains serving, loving, and teaching your child today. We thank you for supporting our mission. Thank you, parents, teachers, alumni, and friends, for being a part of this great adventure that building Tri-City Christian Academy has become!
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