MS/HS Soccer information!

On behalf of the TCCA Athletic program I'd like to welcome everyone to, or back to, TCCA for the 2021-2022 academic year. We are so excited to get back into school and to have the chance to work with your children. We are also excited for the opportunity to have sports back this fall. With that being said, we would like to start up our fall, middle and high school, soccer program once again. 

Knowing that it's been a while since many of our kids have had a chance to participate in a sports program, we would like to encourage students and families to see this fall as a great time to consider joining, even if they've never played before. Our program goals this season will be to

  1. developing entry level skills and game awareness for new players,
  2. further development for returning players, and
  3. foster a community of mutual love and esteem of neighbor in pursuit of competitive greatness, all in service to the Lord. 

At this point, while we gauge interest and participation in the program, our plan is to have a team comprised of 6th-12th grade students. If interest is great enough and participation in the program is high enough, we would look to split these groups into a more traditional Middle School (JV) team and a High School (Varsity) team. (If you may be concerned about signing your MS student up because of the age gap, I totally understand, but as an FYI, many of the small Christian schools we will be playing this year have, or have had, teams comprised of similar student demographics and the league is sensitive to ensure student enrichment and safety along the way.) 

Once the season gets started we would be looking at two or three days a week of commitment, normally two practice, which are traditionally 90 minutes and have typically been held shortly after the end of the academic day (3:15-4:45), and one game each week. 

We are about a week out from having registrations together and official sign ups will begin the following week with our first practices (8/30 & 9/1). For the purpose of beginning the process of scheduling games and to gauge interest in the program, I'd just like to ask parents to please respond via email by the end of this week(8/20), indicating whether or not your child/children would like to participate in the program. And if you possibly know of any middle/high school aged students who are homeschooled, who may be interested in participating, please feel free to invite them to reach out to me @ or if you'd like to pass along their contact information, I can reach out directly.

Also, if anyone has an interest in volunteering to be a part of the coaching staff, please let me know. 

Again, we are looking forward to the opportunity to work with your family and to help enhance the student's experience at TCCA.

God Bless, 

Mr. Clark