Secondary Instructor - Mathematics, Science & Guidance Counselor

BS in Social Work with a minor in Mathematics – University of New Hampshire

Mrs. West is TCCA’s most seasoned secondary level instructor. She has been serving this school community since its inception in 1985. Prior to joining the faculty of TCCA, Mrs. West served as a mathematics instructor at Southeastern New Hampshire Christian Academy, now the home of TCCA’s elementary and Kindergarten departments.

Mrs. West’s formal education and professional training served to foster her inherent interest in the development and nurture of our youth. Committed to the cause of our children, Mrs. West displayed an inclination for service in education as early as her adolescent years. While attending junior high school, Mrs. West committed leisure time to tutoring younger pupils struggling with their academics. Moreover, after attending the New England Camp Cherith as a camper for the term of nine years, presently New England Camp Cedarbrook, Mrs. West attended the camp’s Camper in Leadership Training program for purposes of serving as a camp counselor. While in college, and in a preparatory effort to further develop her interest in helping others, Mrs. West supplemented her primary course of study with a few education courses. Then, following the completion of her undergraduate studies at the University of New Hampshire, Mrs. West entered the employ of the Chase Home for Children located in Portsmouth, NH where she served as the organization’s girls’ dormitory supervisor, a post which entailed tutoring residents on an as-needed basis. It was following this employment that she joined the teaching staff of Southeastern New Hampshire Christian Academy one year prior to joining the work here at Tri-City Christian Academy, a post she has faithfully maintained in excess of twenty-five years.

Mrs. West resides in Rochester, NH with her endearing husband, Robert. They have four beautiful children, all of whom, we’re proud to say, are members of TCCA’s growing and distinguished alumni. Apart from teaching, Mrs. West enjoys family and friend time, playing her trumpet, gardening and yard work, and catching up with alumni. She is a key contributor to the community life of Tri-City Covenant Church where she has served for the better part of her adult life.