Principal for the Day - Elijah Walean

Our principal for today, Elijah Walean, 5th Grade, accomplished much in his short day. He began by meeting with Mr. Edgar, receiving his badge and starting the school day by raising the flag at the RHR campus. Elijah met with the teachers, checking in on them to make sure they were doing their jobs properly. To his satisfaction, all were working hard. With Mr. Edgar, he met with an architect to go over the future plans for our Ascension Hill at our WHS campus, then he sat in 'the big boss' chair and signed some checks for TCCA. After a lunch with Mr. Edgar, Elijah's father, and Ms. Tarleton, he bought ice cream for the RHR students on this warm day! 
We thank you very much for all your hard work today, Principal Elijah Walean!