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Prom Guest Registration Form 2022

Register your guest for Prom 2022!







Date: Saturday, May 28, 2022

Description: High school students (and their guests*!) are welcome to join us for a night in the Enchanted Garden! Tickets cost $35 per student, $60 per couple and can be purchased during lunch time or reserved at the Front Office now through May 25th!! We will meet at the historic 1899 Ballroom (43 High Street Somersworth, NH 03878) for Grand March--and parents and families are encouraged to come take LOTS of pictures! We will also announce our Prom King & Prom Queen!

*Homeschoolers and non-TCCA high school students are invited to join us! Please feel out this form. We will use the information provided on this form to verify that all invited guests are not in any disciplinary trouble with their current school.
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