In addition to our school's athletic program, students are encouraged to participate in a variety of extracurricular activities such as our special choral group, piano and other musical instrument lessons, occasional drama productions, yearbook and newsletter activities, and many other less-formal social events.

TCCA High School students, when accompanied by their parents, have the opportunity to participated in semi-formal banquet/dance social functions. The annual Christmas banquet, sponsored by Tri-City Covenant Church, and our annual spring banquet, sponsored by Tri-City Christian Academy have proven to be enjoyable and positive occasions for our students.

Parent volunteers are welcomed to assist in supervising many of these activities.



Culinary Arts Program

Students enrolled in this course will learn food preparation skills, nutrition, basic meal planning, consumer education, table service, and manners. Students will be involved in some preparation of meals served in the cafeteria. Along with classroom study, the students will observe and aid during meal preparation of some cafeteria lunches.

Field Trips

Classes or entire grades may visit places of cultural or educational significance in hopes to give enrichment to the lessons of the classroom. Field trips may also be designed to provide a reward for accomplishments. Field trips are privileges afforded to the students. Permission slips are sent home to parents prior to the field trip. Times, activities and other details about the trip will be included on the on the field trip form. Parents are encouraged to volunteer to chaperone school field trips. Buses, school faculty and parent drivers constitute the means of transportation for field trips. Drivers for TCCA field trips must be a parent or a legal guardian of a TCCA student. They must be at least 21 years of age. Drivers must have (and use) seat belts for each student and provide documentation of liability insurance, which must be filed in the school office.

Yearbook Committee

The "Harbinger" is our school yearbook created by senior high students each year. When enough parents become patrons of the "Harbinger," Tri-City Christian Academy is able to provide each student in all grades a complimentary paperback copy of the yearbook. Those who wish a hardcover copy may purchase one.

Driver Education Program

In order for a teen under the age of 18 to obtain a NH driver's license, they must complete a state approved driver education program. Tri-City Christian Academy will now be offering such a program. The program is taught by David King of Safety First Driving), a certified driver education instructor with 5 years of experience in the field.  Sessions are scheduled depending on enrollment.
If you are interested, please call Mr. King at (603) 652-9822 or (603) 781-5097, or e-mail.



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