Achievements and Awards

Just as God rewards those who are obedient to His Covenant Law, a Christian school should reward students for their accomplishments.

Academic awards for kindergarten students will be presented at their respective kindergarten ceremonies. Academic awards for grades 1-6 will be presented at an awards assembly at 11:00 on the last day of school. Academic awards for grades 7-12 will be presented at the senior graduation ceremony. Awards will be presented as follows:

Academic Awards
  • Awards will be given for the highest average in each subject area. Teachers may decide to award more than one subject award for extremely close averages.
Standard Awards
  • Christian Leadership (teacher's evaluation)
  • Honor Student (honor roll all four quarters)
  • Perfect Attendance (no absences)
Special High School Awards
  • Community Service (determined by participation in community service project)
  • Master of Dominion Arts (determined by specified criteria)
  • School Spirit (input from all teachers)
  • Service (input from teachers or staff members)
Honor Roll
  • Highest Honors - All grades must be A's with no unsatisfactory (U) or (I) grades.
  • High Honors - All grades must be A's with only one B allowed and no unsatisfactory (U) or (I) grades.
  • Honors - All grades must be B's with only one C and no unsatisfactory (U) or (I) grades.

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