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A Private Christian Elementary School in Somersworth, NH

Sound academics and Christian character training continue through our elementary grades with greater emphasis on learning skills and application. Wider subject areas are introduced, such as Science and Latin, while all subjects are consistently and thoroughly based upon Christian presuppositions. Physical education, music, and art are continued in all grades, and tutoring to help with class is provided as needed at no additional cost to the parent.

2020 Fall Open House has gone VIRTUAL!

View all of the teachers' welcome videos here: http://tcca-nh.com/index.cfm/fuseaction/home.showpage/pageID/225/index.htm 

You can view the specific Elementary teachers' videos below.

1st grade: Mrs. A. McIntosh

Email Mrs. McIntosh

2nd grade: Mrs. Y. Clark

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3rd/4th grade: Ms. B. Tarleton

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5th grade: Mr. J. Clark

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Art: Mrs. D. Wilson

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Band/Orchestra: Mrs. S. Wituszynski

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Academic Downloads: Elementary

Click the file name to begin download. Depending on the type of file, you may be prompted to save to a location on your computer, or the file may simply open in your browser.

Icon for pdf 2020 Elementary Memory Work
Available as of: Sep 08, 2020
Icon for pdf 2020-21 Grade1 Booklist
Icon for pdf 2020-21 Grade2 Booklist
Icon for pdf 2020-21 Grade3 Booklist
Icon for pdf 2020-21 Grade4 Booklist
Icon for pdf 2020-21 Grade5 Booklist
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