tri-city christian academy

Full accreditation from the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC) in November 2014.
The creation of the Self-Study Report, the diligent work of the NEASC Visiting Committee, and the subsequent efforts of addressing the many recommendations articulated during the accreditation process have all contributed immensely to the establishment of a quality educational institution upon which we can now build for even brighter futures for our children and grandchildren.
The attaining of NEASC accreditation was a collaborative process involving all stakeholders of the TCCA community. We thank all who gave of their talents and energies in some way towards the accomplishment of this important benchmark. Board members, faculty, staff, parents, grandparents, church leaders, community volunteers, educational consultants, alumni, and even students all contributed to this goal.
But much work remains! First of all, the NEASC organization will continue their systematic monitoring of all aspects of our school to ensure the ongoing maintenance of the quality levels demanded by their Standards. We do it all again in a few years. And secondly, a Christian educational institution, faithful to its name, must of necessity cultivate an organizational culture of intentional school improvement, reflecting the course established by the Lord Jesus Christ to continuously transform His creation “from glory to glory.” Our work is therefore not complete. We must now build upon this foundation and strive to advance our work even beyond our present happy condition. The NEASC Standards provide us an objective foundation for this building.
The New England Association of Schools and Colleges is the oldest accreditation organization in the country. Their motto is "Demanding Excellence, Honoring Difference." Since we have become familiar with NEASC, it has become increasingly clear that they are a very good fit for TCCA. NEASC provides accreditation services to some of the very best schools in our state, such as Phillips Exeter Academy, Brewster Academy, and St. Thomas Aquinas High School - and many others.