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Virtual Open House 2020

Our September 3rd Open House will be conducted online this year. After some introductory material, all teachers will broadcast an informational segment to their parents concerning their specific class that Thursday evening, and then these will become accessible for later viewing with an opportunity for Q & A.
You can view Mr. Edgar's opening remarks here.
View the teachers' videos below!
Kindergarten Department:
Pre-Kindergarten: Mrs. D. Houtz
Art: Mrs. D. Wilson
Elementary Department:
1st grade: Mrs. A. McIntosh
2nd grade: Mrs. Y. Clark
3rd/4th grade: Ms. B. Tarleton
5th grade: Mr. J. Clark
Art: Mrs. D. Wilson
Band/Orchestra: Mrs. S. Wituszynski
Middle School Department
6th grade Homeroom, 7th/8th grade Science: Mrs. A. MacDougall
6th grade Bible & Math: Mrs. N. Clark
6th grade (Science), 7th/8th grade (Math, Bible, History): Mrs. K. Rogier
6th grade Health: Mrs. K. Guptill
7th grade Health: Mrs. C. Lewis
Latin & Music: Mr. B. Nolder
Art & 6th grade Grammar/English: Mrs. D. Wilson
MS/HS Band: Mrs. S. Wituszynski
Computer: Miss. S. Habrial
High School Department
Algebra I, Physical Science (9th/10th), and Chemistry (11th/12th): Mrs. A. MacDougall
Computer Science and Writing & Research: Miss. S. Habrial
Algebra II: Mrs. D. West
World History, Latin II, and Chorus: Mr. B. Nolder
11th/12th grade History: Mrs. K. Rogier
HS/MS Band: Mrs. S. Wituszynski
Mr. Correia
From the School Nurse:
School Nurse: Mrs. L. Brokus