A catechism is simply a statement of faith in question and answer form. Catechism memory work for Kindergarten students will consist of memorizing the Ten Commandments during the course of the school year and one Bible verse per month.

Elementary and High School students will follow a rotating schedule through the Westminster Shorter Catechism.

Explanations appropriate to the grade level will be given as a vital part of catechism instruction.

Memorization of Scripture verses (King James Version) will be an integral part of Bible class in all grades - kindergarten through high school.

As with students' regular homework, parental involvement and assistance in catechism and Scripture memory work is vital to ensuring that the students derive the maximum benefit from their education at Tri-City Christian Academy.

Homework Guidelines
Homework is an integral part of the school program; therefore, each teacher will give homework to aid students to advance in their studies. Homework is given for drill, for remedial activity, and for special projects.

As a general rule, daily homework time should average approximately one half hour in the lower elementary grades, approximately one hour in the upper elementary grades, and approximately two hours per night in the high school grades. Senior high students planning to attend college should average over two hours per night on their homework. Each student is required to complete homework assignments on time. Parents can greatly assist the educational process by consistently seeing that all homework is completed properly and turned in when due. Parents should encourage neat legible handwriting on all homework papers.

Delinquent homework penalties:
  • 1st offense - homework due the next day and extra work is assigned (about its equivalent).
  • 2nd offense - homework due the next day and double extra work is assigned.
  • 3rd offense - The student shall be sent to the department director or administrator for the third and any subsequent homework offenses.
Beginning at the fifth grade level, teachers may decide that an immediate visit to the department chairman or administrator or that a detention penalty may be more appropriate than following the above sequence.

A student with an excused absence is excused from homework for that day. However, he or she is expected to make up all missed class work promptly.
Notebook Guidelines
Elementary students will record their home assignments in their assignment books. All elementary students' homework is checked for completion daily by the teacher, and we request that parents assist the teacher by checking and then initialing each assignment.

High school students (grades 7-12) will be required to use large three-ring loose-leaf binders for all their high school subjects. Spiral bound notebooks shall not be used. Students will record all homework assignments in their homework assignment book, and keep the assignment book with their notebook(s).

Quizzes and tests are filed in the last sections of the notebooks for all subjects.

The teacher checks all high school homework for completion daily, and parents' initials will be required for assignments when a special request is made by the parent, department chairman, administrator, or teacher.

Because the student assignment book is so essential to a successful academic year, lost student assignment books must be replaced and accounts will be billed accordingly.
Independent Reading and Research Assignments

It is one of the important goals at Tri-City Christian Academy to stimulate independent reading, research skills, and critical thinking among our more gifted students. Therefore it is our standard policy in Grades 7-12 to only award "A+" grades in a particular subject to students who successfully complete an independent reading assignment or an independent research assignment each quarter along subject guidelines established by the teacher.

Other curriculum attainments shall only comprise 96% of the course requirement. The optional independent reading and independent research assignment is intended to provide the remaining 4%.

Successful completion of these assignments may also serve to increase the student's quarter grade up to four points maximum. Teachers must use their own judgment as to the quality level of the project. Some papers may only qualify for minimal extra credit consideration (+1), while others may significantly increase (up to +4) the quarter grade.

Independent reading assignments shall include the reading of a book from the independent reading list found in the appendix and a written book report following the guidelines in the students' English textbook.

Excellent independent research assignments are the comparing and contrasting of something in the particular subject area (an author's thesis, an event, a movement, a philosophy, etc.) to Scripture. This exercise serves to have the student become accustomed to evaluating everything he or she encounters against the standard of the Scriptures.

Quality is better than quantity in these assignments. Independent reading and independent research assignments should be given out during the first week of a new quarter. They should be due one week before the quarter closes, giving students a minimum of seven weeks for completion.

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