Kindergarten Dress Code

Kindergarten Department Dress Code

Girls – Shirts – Collared, button down, and tee shirt style tops in solid, striped or print design. (Words or pictures are not permitted.) Pants - solid colored and must fit well around the waist. (Jeans are not permitted.) Dresses – modest design and must rest just above the knee. Dresses or slacks and tops are proper dress for chapel day Modest Shorts/Skorts – Solid/plaid design are allowed during fall (September through October) and spring (May through June) months. (Jean styles are not permitted.) Leggings – Must be worn with long shirt or dresses. . Shoes - Sneakers, sandals, and dress shoes are allowed. (Flip flops are not permitted.)

Boys – Shirts – Polo, button down, and tee shirt style shirts in solid or striped design. (Words and pictures are not permitted.) Pants - solid colored and fit well. (Jean, sweatpants and windbreaker pants are not permitted.) Shorts – Solid or plaid design and may be worn during fall (September and October) and spring (May and June) months. (Nylon and jean style are not permitted.)

Gym Days- Kindergarten physical education uniform is for all students Shorts/sweatpants – Solid black Shirts/sweatshirts - Solid blue/black colored tee shirt/sweatshirt to be worn all day. Shoes - Sneakers to be kept at school for physical education days. The purpose of the Kindergarten Department dress code is to maintain cohesive attire among the students thereby creating continuity throughout the school. Your adherence to our dress code is greatly appreciated.

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